Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business Leaders

13,14 & 16/5/2022

Babis Michailidis, Production Management Engineer, M.Sc.


The seminar

What can philosophy teach business? AKA experts help make the case for the humanising influence of Aristotle. How would a philosopher like Aristotle or Plato run a modern business? Sadly, traditional management practice suggests many firms wouldn’t even consider it. The reason is because management today is rooted in economics and psychology. It is focused on numbers and productivity rather than the people who make those numbers happen!

In contrast, a philosopher’s life’s work explores what it means to be human. Ancient Greek philosophers might not have known how to navigate a spreadsheet but they would have something to say about people. Today, modern organisations often miss that which matters the most – their people. Greek philosophers developed radically different approaches to life that are urgently needed today; to restore trust in business and to help answer pressing organizational questions around empowering and engaging workers, leadership, values and performance.


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