3rd International InterAthenian Conference

5-6-7 November 2024

«Man and his Creations, a Perpetual Metamorphosis»

The aim of the conference is to explore the future in human development through interdisciplinary research conducted by distinguished scientists in the field.
This interdisciplinary conference’s scope includes an examination of the evolution of modern humanity in relation to the following six issues:

1.His conscience
2.His biological, emotional and spiritual development
3.His social nature
4.His perception of time and place
5.His Environmental management
6.His well-being


Abstract Submission

Download here the template for abstract submission

Please return this file as an open document (.doc)
to conference@athenscallsathens.gr.
Include your name in the filename.

Submission deadline May the 31st, 2024.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee.


Thematic Sessions

The conference will have a duration of three days, each of which will include lectures on the above issues, pursuing the interdisciplinary approach at the individual-collective level, but also in an international context. Indicatively, the six main issues will include topics such as:

His conscience
– The conflict between individual and collective consciousness
– Consciousness and the journey of humanity towards transformation
– The virtual and real world of Man (Metaverse – Virtual Reality – Theory of Simulation)
– Diversity and inclusion

His biological, emotional and spiritual development– Developments in robotics
– The industry of science and new materials
– The interaction between individuals and AI – perceptual-cognitive abilities

Mental Health

– The ethical dimension of biotechnology and the creation of artificial organs
– Biophysics – Hygiophysics, Biomechanics and Technological Evolution

His social nature

– The role of gender, race, nationality in the transformation of society
– The surplus value of labor in the online global economy
– Workerism, Politics and the Future of -Democracy in the West
– Cyber security, digital transformation, digital skills
– The voluntary provision of personal data and preferences
– The effect of low birth rate of Western societies: work, immigration, and integration

The perception of time and place

– The age of longevity
– The role of creative imagination in the formation of the new reality
– Speed, format, AI & technologies, new means of transport

His Environmental management

– Policies and strategies for sustainable development in the economy, tourism and culture, as well as the challenges of implementing reforms in the modern world, encompassing financial and environmental literacy.
– War & Peace – Energy Transition
– The Global Geoeconomic and Geopolitical transformation
– Environment – Society – Governance – ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria, Sustainable Development
– Τhe exploitation of Space

His well-being

– The future of Man online mobility, digital nomads, post-communication, post-man, post-society, new ethics, post-politics, post-law, new wealthand the elite of tomorrow.
– Role of Arts in Metasociety
– Durability, cyber resilience
– Crisis Management and dealing with change
– Foresight and strategic planning
– Future state-business relationship
– The future of political parties as institutions
– The new role of the State in global transformation
– The deciphering of human DNA and the prospects for treating diseases
– Intangible capital, digital money and new productivity
– Ideology vs knowledge and information


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