Conference 2020


“Athens calls Athens”, is organizing its  1st Interdisciplinary Conference,  titled ”Man and his Creations” under the auspices of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Greece.

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Man and his creations

This pioneering Conference will be held in Athens Greece, 5-9 May 2020, the cradle of Democracy and the source of inspiration for core social, cultural and scientific development globally.

Its purpose is to explore the significance of classical values in the evolution of the Modern Man and the way this is achieved through sciences – Technology, Sociology, Anthropology, Economy and Environment, which constitute the main thematic fields of the Conference.

“ATHENS CALLS ATHENS” is a private company (IKE in Greek) with the cultural initiative to create ties and synergies among cities bearing the name “Athens” on a global scale, as well as among their universities and institutions at a social, cultural and research level.

The overall mission is for this initiative to contribute to the formation of a scientific collaborative network in which companies, institutions and organizations sharing the same vision will be enlisted.


An outstanding effort, an ambitious goal, a realistic approach.


Such an innovative idea will undoubtedly have a resonance of its own. I congratulate your organizational efforts, and more importantly, your contribution to the cultural development of our country.


A truly original idea. It links Athens – the capital of Greece – with all the ‘Athens’ of the world, by focusing on culture, which is after all their main common feature. I congratulate you and wish the best to your venture.


I wish every success in your project. We are all here to support you.


”That, which never happen we did not desire enough” writes N. Kazantzakis. He then adds ”There are no ideas. There are only people who conceive them. In the end, they are only as noble as the people having them. ” Your effort has brought me to mind the great writer’s words. I firmly believe your contribution will help in shaping the new cultural identity of the world. Well done to you, George, and your colleagues.


Highly competent staff, having specific goals and making an outstanding effort. I only wish that the academic community of the University of West Attica will appreciate how beneficial this initiative is to our country and embrace by contributing their research.


A truly ambitious effort. I wish you the very best.


An excellent idea! I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.


A great effort! Congratulations on conceiving the idea.

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