Athens Calls Athens (ACA) since its founding has undertaken a role of intermediation between the society and the academic community for a fruitful communication, having the City of Athens as a focal point; the development of an Inter-Athenian dialogue within the network of the ‘Athens’ of the World.

In your opinion how could this effort blossom and gain a truly international dimension?

The planet as well as Man as a ‘species’ are in a transition. In this critical moment one should note that decisions of global effect are made in hyper-ethnic centers. Criteria are usually based on power perpetuation and production hikes. Something seems to be missing. A complementary set of humanistic values and a combined new goal of an inclusive society becomes emphatic, for two reasons: An ethical one and a capitalistic one. Yes, we can be happier and wealthier at the same time. We simply need to evolve.

In our classical education (so insightfully adopted by ACA), there is the Herculian dilemma between Virtue and Evil. The fork of our contemporary western (all mighty) societies is on whether we will deploy the gifts of innovation, technology and cultural global dominance in a humanitarian and sustainable way.

Further: We need to draw on acquired wealth: In classic times we witnessed the perfect coalescence of arts, science, aesthetics, technology and governance not only in theory, but also implemented in classical Greece and Rome. This is an invaluable beacon and ACA is pioneering – in my opinion – by stating “we are Not Alone”. The similar-thinking people around the world add up to an invaluable consignment – endowment, which if co-ordinated can re-direct our evolving societies and re-state the basics of what is sustainable, ethical and productive.

The Aθenian – 20th Issue

Athens is here, calling you.