New Means of Transportation: Science and Tech Achievements

2020 is turning out to be a dramatically challenging year and an important milestone for global society. Over the past few months, human activities had been put on hold, and we are all now in the aftermath of this global “lockdown”. While this recent health crisis is already leading us to a new era, it also led people to realize more than ever the need to utilize smart, digitalized solutions in several sectors, including mobility. Amidst the 4th industrial revolution, digitalisation of services, access to real-time information, simultaneous process of volumes of data, efficient design of a cross-modal ecosystem for urban mobility, transport on-demand solutions that meet different users’ needs, and their usage is now more imperative than ever.

In the mid-term, the tendency to adopt innovative vehicle technologies – use of light electric vehicles or AVs, flexible mobility schemes including eMobility, interconnected and interoperable applications that will allow dealing with mobility as a service (MaaS), will prevail. The goals we have set for the environment via the transformation of European and global mobility to a green, secure and connected ecosystem will be discussed in alignment with the tools that enable us to integrate new intelligent mobility schemes, ensuring security and safety conditions, transport digitalization, for the free movement of people and goods across digital borders.