Humanity in the maelstrom of the digital revolution
Professor Charalambos Tsekeris

Humanity is nowadays affected by the radically ambivalent dynamics of the large family of technological developments pertaining to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), as well as by the ceaseless digitalization of society. In addition, a new, digital phase of globalization (Globalization 4.0) is on the wake. In such critical point, we need to comprehensively overcome relevant analytical dualisms and the one-sided “either-or” logic, in favor of an open and creative “both-and” framework of interdisciplinary reflection on our common future. Synthesis, symbiosis and synergy are of utmost importance. We also need to activate strong institutional reforms within the emergent digital and virtual worlds, in order to ensure liberal democracy, efficiency and sustainability, prosperity and human rights, security and freedom. In conclusion, we cannot neglect the findings of the human and social sciences – and thus the unquantifiable and nonlinear aspects of our lives.