Serving the needs of Cultural Heritage protection through “CultureWare”

The technological developments in ICT, and especially in the domains of internet connectivity (mainly implemented through IoT) and artificial intelligence (with the rapidly expanding use of Machine Learning) have setup a new scenery, where machines are no longer the subjects of passive operation supervised by the latter, but rather coexist in a collaborative environment, serving human needs. In this context, humans are able to extend their capabilities by assigning specialized tasks to machines, exploiting at full extend Hardware and Software. In this sophisticated environment, the need for efficient interfaces for human-machine is profound, leading to the invention of term “HumanWare”. Inspired by this, in this presentation, we are focusing on the use of ICT focusing on IoT, mobile computing, cloud and Machine Learning, in the course of protection and preservation of Cultural Heritage, using the term “CultureWare”. The presentation will give reference to research and development work done by CoNSeRT lab in the contest of European Research projects, for the protection of cultural heritage. In all proposals presented, there is one common factor: Human in the loop, acting as visitor, preserver, guardian, and as sensor.