Dimitrios P. Kosteletos


Dimitrios P. Kosteletos is an architect of the National Technical University of Athens. His office has conducted a range of architectural and urban projects of different uses accompanied by appropriate publications. He has been invited by several social and cultural agents and has presented a series of lectures on issues of contemporary thought, art and architecture. He tries to articulate a thorough speech, which brings together different domains of creation like art, science, psychic and ordinary life.

A selection of his recent lectures are shown below:

  • “T.S Eliot 4 Quartets” (Dielefsis Cultural Center, April 14, 2013)
    • “The question of the Total View” (Pamassus Literary Society, May 23, 2013)
    • “Deconstructing Opposition” (Dielefsis Cultural Center, October 17, 2013)
    • “4 talks on the formation of Ego” (Enastron Cultural Center, November-December, 2013)
    • “Inviting nature in architecture” (Dielefsis Cultural Center, December 19, 2013)
    • “Nature, Art and Architecture” (S art Gallery Lucabettus Hotel, May 27, 2014)
    • “The gesture of the sower or re-introducing chaos. Stochastic highlights on the occasion of the poetry of Friedrich Holderlin and painting of Anselm Kiefer” (Dielefsis Cultural Center, December 14, 2014)
    • “Oscal Wilde DE PROFUNDIS” (Hellenic Book Club, February 25 2015 and Hellenic Tradition Center March 27 2015)
    • “Art and human form” (S art Gallery Lycabettus Hotel, March 26, 2015)