Dr Evangelia Maritsa


PhDc. MSc. Maritsa Evangelia has a 19-year work experience throughout the Military and Public Sector. Today, she is the Secretary General, PR and Etiquette and the Secretary of the Hospital Board at the Athens Naval Hospital. She is Main Teaching Staff at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government, Instructor at the School of Interoperability, Quality and Goal Setting of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff and at the Annual Educational Program of the Athens Naval Hospital.

Furthermore, she is Head Rapporteur of the programme titled ‘NATURAL DISASTERS’ designed for the Skill Workshops of the Pilot Action Program “Platform +21: Skills Workshops” /Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs/Institute of Educational Policy which is included in the annual didactic programme 2021-2022, and is implemented across the secondary education didactic program of Greek schools. Mrs. Maritsa Evangelia is appointed as the representative of the International Association for eScience (IAFES) on issues related to this teaching scenario. The methodology and educational material of “Platform 21+: Skills Workshops” was applied in total during the school year 2020-2021 by about two thousand five hundred (2,500) teachers at two hundred eighteen (218) school units.

All in all, for the last three consecutive years, she is a PhD candidate at the Department of Business Administration/ University of West Attica (Greece). Her scientific interests are mainly focused on the optimal exploitation of advanced Leadership Theories in Health Care Organizations, complexity and health emergency contexts, disaster reduction and management pathways and managing organizational ambidexterity and enhancing interoperability.