Dr. Konstantinos Kalemis



Dr. Konstantinos Kalemis is an Instructor at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government and assigned as a Multicultural Educational Instructor at Council of Europe. Since 2019, is an expert Counselor in Differentiated Teaching and in Introductory Training at the Institute of Educational Policy.

He is a visiting professor in the UNIOPEN, teaching in Bachelor and in Master level of studies the topics of Methodology of the Research in Special Education I, Social and General Pedagogy I and Methodology of the Research in Psychology II. Lastly, he is Instructor at Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (I. NE.DI.VI.M) in Pedagogy – Kindergarten II.

He has authored a large number of scientific articles, studies and papers in Educational Congresses and Seminars. His interests focus on the introduction of New Technologies as an alternative teaching process and the design of new curriculum plans for the open and d-Learning.

Member of IAFeS and at the New Club of Paris, took place in the Mutual Learning Workshops (MLW) organized in Romania in the period October 2012 – May 2013 which have been developed in the frame of the Project “Quality Assurance in Higher Education through Habilitation and Auditing” initiated by the Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding of Romania (EUFISCDI).