Professor Nektarios Nasikas

Dr. Nektarios Nasikas is an Assistant Professor at the Hellenic Army Academy and also serves as the founding Director of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI). He is an internationally experienced Academic and Researcher in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering as well as a key policy maker in the effort Greece is making to build a knowledge based economy by utilizing research and innovation outcomes.
He started his education by studying Physics at the University of Crete. He then received a Master’s of Science in Materials Science from the University of Patras in 2009 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry and Materials Science from the same University, in collaboration with the University of California Davis, in 2012. He is also an Economist holding a Master’s of Science in Banking and Financial Management from the University of Piraeus with a specialty in Finance and Investments.
His research interests include novel amorphous materials synthesis, novel experimental setup and design with the use of strong lasers, as well as technology and applications of novel materials possessing special characteristics. He has authored several scientific papers in international scientific journals of high impact such as Chemistry of Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Journal of the American Ceramic Society etc.
Dr. Nasikas also served as senior advisor for matters regarding Research & Innovation policies at the cabinet of the Alternate Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, responsible for Research & Innovation. During that time, he was also involved in the planning and creation and served on the Board (High Council) of the Hellenic Equities Fund of Funds (EquiFund), created by the Greek State along with the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank, aiming to support innovative ideas with an entrepreneurial character. This fund of funds, with an initial budget of above 300 million euros, aims to create investment opportunities for Greek companies, startups and scale ups, of more than a billion euros in a decade.
His leadership positions have given him the opportunity to become extensively involved in policy making activities in Greece and the European Union acting in the important interphase between research, innovation and entrepreneurship.