The author with studies in history, international relations and humanities, holding a M.A. and PhD, has been a lecturer in educational programs at the Public  University of Vienna, senior editor of the Vienna based political review The European Democrat, associate of the Political Academy in Vienna, the humanitarian Austrian Albert Schweitzer Organization, as well as a participant in other organizations. 

He is advisor in international contacts, cooperating professor of Albizu University (Maiami) and the International University of Humanities and Social Sciences (San Jose), member of the Advisory Council of Ansted University (Penang, scientific fellow of the University of Humanities and Technologies (Lisbon), member of the Academy of Letters and Arts of Portugal and the International Academy of Social Sciences, Chairman and Director of Studies of the Faculty of Modern African Studies Studies at Logos University Int. (Florida).

Through the publication of books and articles, lectures, press, radio and TV interviews and his participation in Greek and international fora he received recognition in the field of letters, culture and charity.

He is a member of the historical and most prominent Literary Society Parnassos of Greece, the National Society of Greek Literates, the Circle of Bibliographical Studies of Madrid, the Portuguese Institute of Ex-Libris, the Spanish Academy of Nobility, Genealogy and Heraldry, rector of the Universal Intellectual Centre Olympos, etc.

For his published work he has been awarded the decoration of the Portuguese Academy of Letters and Arts, the gold medal of the UNESCO, the cross of merit of the Brazilian Society of Philosophy, Literature and Education and the diploma of honour of the Union of European Press Journalists.

In recognition for his humanitarian and public benefit work in international level he was bestowed the Presidential Award of Voluntary Service by the president of the USA Barak Obama, as well as the medals of the Greek and Austrian International Red Cross.

For his charity and relief activities in Africa he was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Humane Order of African Redemption of the Republic of Liberia, the Decoration of Solidarity of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Decoration of Honor of the Austrian Albert Schweitzer Organization, the Commanders Cross for Philanthropic Merit of France, as well as with the Grand Crosses of the Imperial House of Ethiopia and the ex-King and Head of State of Rwanda.

For his historical and genealogical studies he was bestowed the dynastic medals of the current heads of the Imperial Houses of Romanov of Russia and Hapsburg of Austria, as well as the decorations of Grand Cross from the Royal Houses of Portugal, Egypt, and Georgia.

He is a recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth’s II sixtieth anniversary on the British Throne.

He was elevated to the rank of Knight Grand Officer of Merit by the Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

In recognition for his active participation in Greek public life he was awarded plaquettes, medals and diplomas by mayors, prefects and associations.

For his commitment to the Church he was decorated with the Knights Cross of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Commanders Cross of the Order of Saint Marc of the Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa, the Gold Cross of the Custody of the Holy Sepulcher of the Holy See, the Cross of Saint Anthony of the Desert of the Coptic Church and from the Church of Greece the Gold Medal and the Holy Cross of the Metropolitan Archbishops of Fthiotis and Kalamaria respectively.

The Vienna Chamber of Industry awarded him its centennial foundation anniversary Medal for his achievements in business.