Dr. Babis Michailidis

Production Management Engineer, Rentalpreneur

Babis Michailidis is a Production Management Engineer. He studied, lived and worked in Great Britain for 7 years. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in industrial plant management from the Universities of Surrey and Aston in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

He has 40 years of administrative experience, working as a senior executive in large Companies and Organizations in Athens and Thessaloniki. He also has 30 years of experience teaching Leadership and Strategic Change.

In recent years, he has focused on the development of Creative Thinking skill and specifically on the effect of “Metaphorical Language” in enhancing leadership skills, such as critical, innovative and “ambidexterous” thinking, problem-solving abilities and change management skills.

Combining this knowledge with his extensive experience in Human Resource Management, makes him a highly effective Strategic Thinking Skills Mentor. He organizes speeches, seminars, experiential workshops and conferences for many Organizations and Businesses in Greece and abroad.

Today, he founded, writes for, and runs the Poetic-Intelligence-for-Leaders Blog, a website for entrepreneurs, executives, students, and professionals that explores how Poetry, “Figurative” Thinking, and Symbolism can enhance innovative thinking.