Nutrition and gastronomy on the hierarchy of human needs

This is a philosophical approach on the relation between nutrition and gastronomy. It is a quasi gastrosophical approach as well, but not a culinary process or a trophotopic situation. Though the boundaries between nutrition and gastronomy seem to be vague, overlapping or interloping, like the Moebius strip, there should be a hierarchy of needs on biological, psychological and sociological levels.

Therefore the Maslow pyramid on the hierarchy of needs is deployed to stratify our needs concerning nutrition and gastronomy. In that sense, nutrition, as a need of nutrients to live, is placed on the basic level. On the second level is the need for food safety, food security and food defense.

On the third level is the need for social eating and food culture and on the fourth the need for recognition of culinary skills and food services. On the top level, for self actualization, are the spiritual and intellectual aspects of gastronomy and nutrition. Eventually, are the aspects of nutrition or those of gastronomy to be placed higher on the pyramid of needs?