Prof. Constantinos Cartalis

Constantinos Cartalis is a Professor of Environmental and Climate Physics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). He is a member of the European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change, a member of the Task Force for Just Transition of the Urban Innovation Actions (UIA) of the European Commission as well as a UIA expert for Barcelona. Has acted as a member of the Subsidiary Body of UNFCCC for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (11/2019-11/2021) as well as a member of the Mission Assembly for Climate Neutral Cities of the European Commission. 

He is at present a Member of the expert group of the European Commission for Climate Change and Cultural Heritage as well as of the Coordinating Unit of the UNFCCC-UNESCO-Greek Government regarding the initiative on the impacts of Climate Change on Cultural and Natural Heritage. Has published 106 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. Has served as Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Greek Parliament, Member of Parliament, and Secretary-General at the Ministry of Culture.