Dimensions of the Untraceable 4+1 Contemplations

Dwelling in utopia is an attempt to find a safe place, a warm shelter, an advantageous setting, a glimpse of light, offering a strong connection with the “beyond”, a calm abiding, a way of accommodating our fears, desires and needs.

This is not exactly an encounter with the future but rather with what is coming, inviting us to imagine it, reflect on it, accept it and finally embrace it.

But first of all, let us look for it, let us accept that this “utopian” (the out-of-place) is untraceable, inaccessible, undefined, and unimaginable. Let us look for it as the very real of the real that always slips our minds, in order to use it as an advantageous starting point, from which, reflecting on the terms of its existence, we can open ourselves to its very experience.

Such an attempt to search for the untraceable, should take us to alternative places, forcing us to reflect on all those related concepts that would restrict it, in order to define and highlight it.

Among those concepts I chose 4+1 localities – modalities to elaborate on.