Culture and education investment for the future. Greece as a regional center for Higher Education

Education is considered as the medium of most comprising developments; social and political enrichment, high society awareness, increasing economic growth. Most importantly, education is and will be the mean to reform minds.

The Greek idea of education (paideia), whether theoretical or practical, always encompassed the upbringing and cultural training in the widest sense and not merely schooling and formal education. The verification of this deeply rooted tradition can be derived from the prominent position of tertiary education in the Greek society until this day. According to the European Commission’s ‘’Education and Training Monitor’’ for 2019, the Tertiary educational attainment in Greece for 2018 and 2019 was 26.6% and 44.3% respectively compared to the EU average of 32.3% and 40.7% for the same years.

The Higher Education Institutions in Greece follow the mission of promoting knowledge through research and teaching while simultaneously develop students’ critical thinking and skills and create the appropriate conditions for the emergence of new researchers. The high level of education and the contribution to lifelong learning can be attested by the increasing numbers of Greek scientists, researchers, and employees worldwide.

Consequently, the valuable contribution of the Greek educational system can serve towards the direction of constituting Greece a regional center for higher education on a European and global level. Student mobility in Greece would significantly contribute to the European higher education and research area as well as to the labor market needs and to the country’s development. Most importantly, the interaction with the Greek Educational institutions can lead to European and global citizens with high professional and cultural sufficiency and respect to values such as justice, freedom, democracy, and social solidarity.