Positive Psychology and its contribution to the foundation of Positive Organizational Behavior

The field of Positive Psychology has been growing rapidly over the last decades and essentially deals with the issue of positive subjective experience and characteristics of people such as love, interpersonal communication, wisdom, talent, etc. Moreover, it is able to contribute to areas such as family and work relationships and especially what kind of work is the one that gives pleasure, but most importantly it can help people to understand why it is worth having a pleasant life.

Positive Psychology as a discipline was established by M. Seligman who introduced the PERMA model and seems to have contributed greatly to the emergence of the discipline of Positive Organizational Behavior (Positive Organizational Behavior-POB), which is defined as the emergence of positive human psychological capabilities and skills that can be studied and applied in the workplace. Specifically, Positive Psychology has been described as the science of positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions.