Jessica Sartor, Master of Arts

Jessica Sartor was born in 1979 in central Germany, Jessica experienced a great love and connection to nature in her childhood. After studying art education and art therapy, she moved to the city of Berlin. She gave birth to her daughter in 2004 and completed further studies leading to a Master of Arts degree at the University of the Arts in London. In her Berlin studio she traced the crisis-like experience of self and identity in a world determined by virtualisation. Her video performances and interactive multimedia installations have been exhibited internationally.

In 2011 she moved to southern Germany where she worked as an art teacher and studied Waldorf education. In 2014, her son was born and she developed her love for self-made plant colours. Parallel to her teaching activities, she consequently embarked on her artistic path in the border areas between virtuality and the experience of nature. From lovingly cultivated plants, she produces all the colours used in her paintings herself and also uses the light power of the digital in the painting process. The resulting artworks are pictorial encounters between the physical world and spheres that do not yet have a name.

Jessica offers workshops in the field of education for sustainable development, in which she shares her knowledge and experiences and expands them together with the participants. From 2023, she will co-create the sevengardens centre in NRW at Hof Emschermündung in Dinslaken.