Human creations towards the future: which are really their effects on the future development of Mankind?

The development of the technique, with the wide use of sciences, is one of the main reasons of scientific and technical progress. Whereas, in early years, technique was mainly related to empirical knowledge and accumulated experience in the means of work, today, to an increasing extent, it is being implemented within scientific knowledge. The locomotive was manufactured on an empirical basis, i.e., the steam engine’s technique preceded by half a century his theory. Today, the greatest achievements of the technique are the result of fundamental scientific discoveries. In a purely empirical way, it is no longer possible to create technical instruments, such as nuclear reactors, lasers, computers, etc.

The requirements of production itself presuppose the study of these phenomena, their theoretical analysis and generalization and the ability to predict their specific characteristics in other situations which have not yet been studied. The technical level of production determines the degree of utilization of science and the readiness of the technical basis of production to implement and carry out new scientific ideas.

Based on scientific achievements and discoveries, qualitative changes are made in all branches of modern technology. Technical means, systems, devices and technological production methods are radically changing.

Man’s admiration for the achievements of science and technology alternates with anxiety, fear and awe. Could it be that everything that is alien, unintelligible, uncontrollable and destructive surrounds us is the result of some plans, based on “rational action” (according to Weber), on “cold logic” and selfish quantitative calculation of manipulation techniques? Could it be that the means, objects and institutions that were created with the main purpose of serving man, become forces uncontrollable, unintelligible and destructive oppressors? And if that’s the case, is there an antidote? Did man follow the wrong path in the flow of history to science and culture in general? Could it be that in the place of the logical and the computational constructional mind, it should put emotion, emotion, experience, instinct and impulse first? And if all this is true, what is left of us?

Our work aims to explore these answers through a thorough evaluation of data from databases.

The development of bionics offers the possibility to use biological methods to solve technical problems, to be used in the various fields of technique or experience of living nature. The dependence of human intervention on the previous work, on the accumulated work, is directly proportional to the level of development of the technique, which each generation inherits as something independent of its will, as an objective element, determinant for the legitimate development of activity and communication, which involves destructive (e.g., nuclear weapons, ecological crisis) and creative possibilities. The prevalence of the latter in the emerging trends (scientific-technical revolution, transition to the intensive formation of an information technological complex, biotechnologies, etc.), will lead to techniques of using higher forms of movement of matter, with the final perspective of the biologicalization of production.