Dr. Kyriakos Maridakis

Cultural diplomacy in cooperation with 60 Embassies, the Hellenic Government, Prefecture of Attica Region, and International Organizations / Consultant of International Cultural Relations

Kyriakos Maridakis is a Frm Royal Yacht Hotel Director for the Royal Family in Dubai – Prime Minister of the UAE , member of the International executive committee SALAMINIA Head of the diplomatic relations and member of the Honorary International Committee “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020” with President Mrs Marianna Vardinogiannis.

Mr. Maridakis was born in Athens, grew up in historic Salamis and is a descendant from the historic family from Sfakia in Crete. He completed his military service in the Hellenic War Navy in “Hydra” Frigate participated at NATO in Bosnia war as an administrator support team / helicopter contingent.

He is a Certified Accountant – tax Advisor in Greece member of the Hellenic Economic Champers of commerce, Financial Officer of Merchant Navy with 25 years of International experience in Greek and Foreign companies trained in the United States (Administration, Public Relations, Marine management and Personnel Management) .

He was actively involved in the joint cultural commemorative honorary committee of historic Salamis entitled “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020”. He was awarded a Diploma of Virtue from the Foundation of the Hellenic World, where he is a member of and received knighthood of the International Diplomatic Club – “Association Caritative des Diplomates et Consuls (Ordre de Saint-Gabriel). In addition, he is the founder and deputy chairman of the Salamis International Foundation, founding President of the Hellenic-Israeli Union, El. Secretary for the Club of Rome.

He has undertaken an international effort, in cooperation with the President of the Honorary International Committee “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020” and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs Marianna Vardinogiannis the Hellenic Government, 60 Embassies, as well as several international organizations and heads of state in order to contribute voluntarily and unselfishly, to the promotion of Liberty, Peace, Solidarity, Democracy and our Cultural Heritage, by claiming a place for the historic island of Salamis, on an international level working towards putting the international forum “Salamis – Culture and Democracy ” and the “Salaminia” events under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic.

The international cultural/tourist diplomacy that Kyriakos Maridakis has developed over the last few years has already begun to bear fruit, with the international recognition of the Commemorative events of the battle of salamis in 60 countries including co-operation with the Israeli Embassy for the historic visit to Ancient Salamis by the Israeli President H.E. Mr. Rivlin, both Israeli Ambassadors H.E. Irit Ben Aba and H.E. Yossi Amrani, his meeting with H.S.H. Prince Albert at the Monaco Palace, with E.U. President and E.U. commissioners, the ex-German Chancellor Mr. Merkel, receiving letters of support given a world message to  promote the peace  and the solidarity, celebrating every year the Naval Battle of Salamis as the world day of liberty, culture, democracy, ideas and values, honoring all the dead regardless of color, race, nationality, religion and social class.