Prof. Lampros I. Papagiannis

Lampros I. Papagiannis is Assistant Professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, China, where he teaches Modern Greek language, Greek Literature, Greek Mythology and Essay Writing.

He is also Visiting Fellow at the University of Athens and the University of Thrace in Greece. Having studied Philology and Philosophy in Greece and Religion in the UK, he has earned his PhD from AUTh, Thessaloniki, Greece on comparative philosophy and has been conducting academic research on a variety of topics and academic areas ever since, including, but not limited to, political theory, ancient philosophy, philosophy of cinema and theatre.

Lampros Papagiannis is a member of the Greek Association of Philosophy (Ε Φ Ε) and has participated in national and international conferences on philosophy and other social sciences over the years. His first book dealt with the comparative study between Heraclitus and Lao-Zi and his second book was a philosophical study on the concept of evil in ancient myths, while he has also published a short manual on comparative philosophy designed for the study of Philosophy at school, approved by the National Board of Cyprus.

In addition, he has published articles in academic journals in Greece and abroad. His latest book is a philosophical approach on the problem of existence, reality and identity in modern American cinema.