Environment and Human Health: Current challenges to support the EU One Health ambition

This work describes the design and creation of an international distance learning M.Sc. program on the protection of cultural heritage and monument of nature from the effects of climate change that is provided by the Hellenic Open University in collaboration with the Academy of Athens. The scope of the M.Sc. «Protection of Cultural Heritage and Monuments of Nature from the Effects of Climate Change» is the in-depth study of issues related to mitigation and adaptation of the effects of climate change on natural and cultural heritage sites worldwide.

Specifically, the learning outcomes on which the program focuses are primarily concerned with the sciences of climatology and the environment, geology, telemetry and satellite applications, engineering, architecture, history, archeology, the preservation of works of art and monuments. The challenge of such a multidisciplinary program is in its design, so that it can address issues that implicate directly the involved disciplines, by providing a “common language” to enhance communication between the disciplines. T

his “common language” is embodied in the 2-year structure of the program, which also provides elective course modules that lead to one of three major areas involving resilience strategies: a) Moveable Heritage, b) Monuments and Archaeological Sites and c) Natural and Historic Heritage Landscapes.