Dr. Vasilis Chronopoulos


Vasilis Chronopoulos is a PhD candidate at the Department of Business Administration of the University of Western Attica. The theme of his doctoral thesis is “The role of social entrepreneurship as a tool for increasing employment and tackling poverty and Social exclusion in the local community”.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Economic Science from the University of Piraeus, a master’s degree in Management Research from the University of Glasgow and a second master’s degree in Adult Education from the Hellenic Open University.

Since 2007 he has been active in the field of Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship through his work as a high-ranking administrator in Work Integration Social Enterprises and NGOs. He has collaborated with many scientific institutes through which he has offered Occupational and Business Counselling services, as well as with Educational Organizations through which he has offered Occupational Training services. Finally, for years he has worked as a member of the teaching staff and as a scientific collaborator in academic institutions.  

His research interests focus on the field of Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship, the fight against poverty and the increasing of employment. Through his work and research, he hopes to contribute to the development of the Social Entrepreneurship sector in Greece and the professional reintegration of people from vulnerable social groups.