Dr. Aristeides Papagrigoriou

Vice Rector of Administrative & Economic Affairs – Sustainable Development University of West Attica, Athens, Greece

Dr. Aristeides Papagrigoriou is Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Vice Rector of Administrative & Economic Affairs – Sustainable Development at the University of West Attica.

He has PhD in Entrepreneurship from the Harokopion University of Athens. Specifically, his PHD research has been oriented to the Contribution of Innovation to Entrepreneurship through the Adoption of Sustainable Development Methods: The Case of Green Key Hotel Hotels Certified.

He is also member of Scientific and academic committees in the West Attica University. Moreover, he participated in academic and research programs as follows:
1. Planning and training of Homeless Support Programs
2. Design and Implementation of Mental Health Sector Development Programs and Services in Afghanistan and Iraq
3. Design of institutional framework proposals on socially excluded groups (Roma, homeless, etc.)

He has publications in books, scientific journals, conference proceedings and printed / electronic media. He is teaching Business Administration, Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship and innovation. His scientific and research interests are focused on the Entrepreneurship and innovation, Tourism Management and Tourism Economics.