Professor Demetrios P. Matthopoulos

Professor Emeritus, University of Patras, Greece

Professor Demetrios P. Matthopoulos hold a Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the Glasgow University, UK and a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Patras, Greece. He has been teaching Biology and Environmental Ethics for over 35 years at the University of Ioannina and the University of Patras, Greece.

He was Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Biological Sciences, Mellon institute of Sciences, Carnegie – Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa. USA, Visiting Fellow at the Laboratory of Medical Oncology, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London UK.,Visiting Professor at the Institute of Ecology, Tallinn Pedagogical University, and at the Department of Genetics and Microbiology, Autonoma University of Barcelona, Spain and Visiting Professor in the Department of Occupational and Industrial Hygiene, National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece.

He is reviewer of 16 international journals, member of the editorial board of The Scientific World Journal and Guest Editor of the special issue ‘Role of Microscopy on Environmental Factors Influencing Human Genetic Material’ of TheScientificWorldJournal, vol. S6, 2006. He is an experienced Cell Biologist / Environmental Philosopher.

He has published 48 papers in International Scientific Journals and 5 to Greek scientific journals. He has contributed to over 80 international and national conferences either by abstracts or by full papers. He is the author or co-author of 4 Greek books and has contributed with chapters in 9 Greek and 1 International book.