Professor George S. Atsalakis

Laboratory of  Data Analysis and Forecasting, Technical University of Crete School of Production Engineering and Management, University Campus, Kounoupidiana, 73100 Chania, Crete , Greece

Professor George Atsalakis is Associate Professor of Technological Forecasting, at the School of Production Engineering and Management at Technical University of Crete, Greece.

He received the Diploma in Business Administration from the Economical University of Athens, Greece in 1986. He received the M.Sc. degree in Business Administration and the PhD degree in Stock market forecasting from Technical University of Crete.

Dr. Atsalakis’ research interests are focused in analyzing and forecasting the major variables that transform the global economy and society. His main areas are forecasting in the local and international markets, in technological forecasting, in forecasting of entrepreneurship evolution and forecasting of innovative economies and societies.

He is focus on the Silk Road One Belt One Road market influence. He is using fuzzy, neuro-fuzzy and neural networks as forecasting tools. He has published 5 books and over 120 book chapters, scientific journals and conference papers. Also, he has published more than 400 articles in high reputation newspaper and magazine about the Greek crisis, the economy development, the Silk Road inflation, stagflation, bank crisis, food crisis, energy crisis, cryptocurrencies, debt cycles, economy cycles, tourism trends, artificial intelligent, ChatGPT, new technologies, growth and development, start-ups companies, geopolitical influences in economy , pandemic forecasting etc.