Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Practice

The goal of technology is to create machines that exhibit intelligent behaviour. Artificial intelligence is a real game changer in healthcare. AI can help in medical diagnostics, medical imaging, enhance drug discovery, improve administration and contribute to remote monitoring and telehealth.AI is helpful in disease identification, personalized medicine, genomic medicine, pharmacogenomics and treatment recommendations.

Misuse of AI may be related to overreliance of AI systems without a human “eye”, data quality and cyber or physical attacks .A myth about AI is that AI is always right and will replace human physicians. Human health requires the thinking, emotional understanding and expertise that only a human doctor can provide. But Doctors who resist AI will find themselves lagging in diagnostic accuracy and struggling in uptodate information.

Trained Doctors could collaborate with AI. The future of medicine is not between doctors and machines but is the collaboration of Doctors and AI. The integration of AI is not about replacing human skills but augmenting them. Medical schools have to start integrating AI and digital medicine into their curricula.