THE perpetual transformations of the actor

An actor during his life serving the art of acting can transform into a hero dozens of times, maybe even hundreds. He constantly experiences a perpetual transformation having his body as a vehicle with his means of expression. The instrument of transformation is himself, his voice, his thought, his feelings. Living only one life – his own – he comfortably wears other lives, constantly playing different roles, either in the theater, in the cinema, on television or on the radio.

This transformation is also an exploration for the entire human race. Through the actor, people project their own lives, desires, questions, loves, hates and myriad other feelings and thoughts. Every role an actor plays corresponds to tens of thousands of different people who identify with him.

He becomes their representative, their messenger, he lives their lives instead of them. The actor’s constant transformations eventually gradually lead him to a kinship with the eternal, with the perpetual, slowly creating in him a sense of immortality.

And the strangest thing of all is that in order to wear all these different lives he will have to sacrifice his own. He will never again be able to be one, but all humans in all ages. If this is not an immortality nugget then what else could it be?