Prof. Theodora Yiota

Associate Professor and Director of Spatial Planning and GIS Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Architectural Engineering, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, 42 Patission Str., 10682, Athens, Greece

Yiota Theodora is Associate Professor of Spatial Planning and Director of the Spatial Planning and GIS Laboratory at the School of Architectural Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). At the central administrative level, she is a member of the Hellenic Council for Spatial Planning and the Hellenic Central Council for Spatial Issues and Disputes. She is also a member of the Spatial Planning Committee of the Association of Greek Urban and Regional Planners (SEPOX) and was a member of the Special Interdepartmental Committee of the Postgraduate Programme: “Urban and Spatial Planning” of the NTUA (2018-2022).

Yiota Theodora is an Architect Engineer (NTUA). She holds a Ph.D. (NTUA) and a Post-Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning (Panteion University); a Master’s Degree in Economic and Regional Development (Panteion University) and a Post-Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a focus on Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches – coordinates undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Environmental and Spatial Planning, Urban-Regional Sustainable Development and Spatial Theories-Practices-Policies and supervises Ph.D. students. She also collaborates with universities and research institutes in Greece, Europe and the USA (e.g. University of Pennsylvania, University of Cagliari, University of Basilicata, Hellenic Open University, University of Thessaly and Panteion University).

Yiota Theodora is an active member of many scientific research teams/committees with research collaborations focusing on spatial development and planning at national and supranational levels. She also serves on committees evaluating research programs and proposals and awarding grants and is a reviewer for international and Greek scientific journals. She has participated in more than 40 research programs at national and international level in the field of spatial development and planning. Finally, it is worth noting her voluntary work as an organizer and coordinator of educational research workshops for students and local communities.