To achieve its purpose, the company may:

•Design Adult Training Programs, Experiential Education and Life Long Learning programs, such as seminars, workshops, long term study programs, distance learning, online learning etc., for individuals, professionals, executives and employees of companies and organizations, with emphasis on implementing the experiential educational methods and the development of phenomenological approach.

•Collaborate with Greek and International Government Organizations, Teaching and Educational Institutes, Professional Agencies, Organizations, Private and Public Companies around the world, aiming at organizing and conducting joint programs and broader synergies, such as:

The creation of an online (distance) “International Pan-Athenian University” distributing the seats of its departments in various “Athens” of the world, and the Development – Establishment of the institution Pan-Athenian Olympiads of Knowledge and Culture in the USA and in Greece with important educational and economic content.

•Form special intra-University – laboratory programs aiming at research and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship on Culture – Tourism, with synergies between private companies and organizations of the wider public sector.

•Establish, organize and support open business networks aiming at the promotion and evolution of a single promotional network of Greek products of added nutritional value. These products, which will have a common promotional label, must have a univocal relationship with the civilization of ancient Greece, as well as with the evolution of the nutritional habits of humans.

•Conduct scientific research and experimental development of innovative educational methods and professional know-how, with emphasis on the use and implementation of new technologies.

•Certify educational programs, after being certified by a Greek university in accordance with applicable legislation and train consultants and operators associated with the purposes of the company.

•Establish joint ventures, or participate in joint ventures and any other company of any legal form in Greece and abroad with the same or similar purpose.

•Collaborate with any enterprise, legal entity or natural person, with the same or similar purpose of any legal form, as well as with joint ventures.

•Perform any other associated work, activity or action serving directly or indirectly the purpose of the company, even if not explicitly cited above.