Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging. Its Perspective on the Service of Humanity

One of the most promising areas of health innovation is the application of artificial intelligence in medical imaging, image processing and interpretation. Indeed, all may find multiple applications, from image acquisition and processing to aided reporting, follow-up planning, data storage, data mining, and many others.
All offer potential to analyse enormous datasets and extract meaningful insights is proving helpful in both radiology and pathology. Medical images can contain large amounts of complex data that can be difficult and time consuming for human providers to evaluate. All can provide clinical decision support to radiologists and improve the delivery of care to patients. Moreover, they can help select and extract features from medical images as well as help to create new features. With respect to image interpretation, they can help identify and classify disease patterns from images.
The professional role and satisfaction of radiologists will be enhanced by all if they, as in the past, embrace this technology and educate new generations to use it to save time spent on routine and monotonous tasks, with strong encouragement to dedicate the saved time to functions that add value and influence patient care. This is the path for radiologists to build their bright future.