Intelligent pervasive health management

The aging of the global population obviates the need for systems able to monitor people in need in their personal or hospital environment. The isolated processing of data coming from visual or other sensors has reached it limits; however, the incorporation of multimodal information produced by Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors may lead to enhanced function and more robust recognition of their physical condition. In this talk we will discuss methodologies and tools for composing intelligent pervasive human-centered systems, which will be able to understand the human state in assistive environments using audiovisual and biological signals. The presented methodologies aim to offer advanced services for the support of aged/disabled/chronic patients, detection of critical situations from audiovisual content and biosignals analysis for the detection of pathology as well as for treatment follow-up. Human computer interaction (HCI) issues and modern approaches such as the gamification of chronic disease management will also be discussed.