Is there any new humanism in the 21st century?

UNESCO’s reflection on a “new humanism” has been adapted in 2010. Based on the hypothesis that globalization has accelerated the mingling of cultures and the rapid development of new media technologies, UNESCO’s theoretical framework on “new humanism” has aggrandize the perspectives of social interaction.
Whether or not the term “new humanism” was originally taken from UNESCO, its currently emerged from the current operation of digital and quantum technology.
Such a technology is the mystification of new power relations. Besides, it represents an illusory unity that – inter alia – accelerates the fragmentary genealogy of reality as well as the annihilation and replacement of humanism.
My critical analytics deconstructs both the dominant discourses pertinent to superficial consensus on “new humanism”, and the monolithic concepts of transhumanism and posthumanism, influenced by postmodernist hermeneutics and its theoretical propositions.