Artificial Intelligence and Autodrama: The case of “Darfsteller”

In 1955 American writer Walter M. Miller , Jr writes a science fiction novel with the title “The Darfsteller” (a German word which defines the one who is special actor of internal act and becomes one with the role he is assign to play), which won the first Hugo Award for Best Novelette. The plot of the novel takes place in the world of future (in the 21stcentury), where the actors of theater have been replaced from high tech robots – artificial intelligence. Director and server of the people at the time of the performances is a computer who is responsible for the smooth operation of the Auto – Dramas he recalls. Today we are going through the first 2 decades of the twenty first century and inspired by the Covid – 19 event and the pause on the theatrical shows on a global scale, we are very close as a society these days to accept a “safe” theatrical art which will be using the artificial intelligence by replacing the actors and abolish the theatrical areas and will create a personal theatrical show of high technology and safety?