Yale Olive Sciences and Health Institute (YOSHI): Enabling, through Research and Education, a Vision for Sustainable Human and Planetary Health

The Yale Olive Sciences and Health Institute (YOSHI) will connect and lead US and global entities engaging in research and education regarding the human and planetary health benefits of the olive tree and its products as integral components of the sustainable Mediterranean lifestyle.

Mission: YOSHI will lead and coordinate rigorous study, robust research, and creative interdisciplinary activities and education. Through academic, public and industry partnerships, YOSHI will guide and foster the investigation and dissemination of evidence-based best practices and guidelines pertaining both to sustainable olive and olive oil production and usage, in the context of promoting and sustaining healthy living. The integration of culinary and cultural elements in YOSHI activities will assure broad relevance for the public.

The primary YOSHI functions will be to:

  • provide leadership and support for proposal development, design, planning, execution and implementation of olive-related public health projects
  • serve as a universally accessible, unbiased and evidence-based resource for information about the human and planetary health benefits of olive tree products
  • lead innovative research relating to sustainable agricultural practices in olive tree cultivation
  • guide, facilitate and foster knowledge and research related to sustainable olive production and processing, and optimal utilization of olives and olive oil processing by-products
  • steer and promote the development and dissemination of consensus-driven guidelines and best practices in olive- and olive oil-related agricultural, processing and marketing activities