Climate Change, IT and Communications, New Model of Circular Economy
Prof Yannis Maniatis

The new era finds Greece, as well as the whole world, facing challenges for which yesterday’s best answers do not work today, much more tomorrow. Migration, reversals in global balance of power and alliances, economic and internationalist nationalisms, demographic aging, koronavirus, globalization at the expense of politics, economies of sharing and digital platforms, leveling and insecurity in the middle class, middle class insecurity.
Climate change and the 4th Industrial Revolution, in particular, are the top global and national political stakes, towards a new model of Circular Economy, but subconscious public debate ignores their political dimensions and is indifferent to affecting one another, especially the weaker social classes and states, and another, digital illiterates and states with a digital lag.
New equilibrium is emerging in all three factors: Capital is transferred and invested in seconds, Earth (Nature) faces the dangers of Climate Crisis, (Spiritual) Work and knowledge, redefined as the leading contemporary private and public factors.
The development we claim must be Smart (utilizing new technology), Green (tackling Climate Crisis), Social and Spatial Fair (tackling inequalities at individual and spatial level), Inclusive (young, women, people with disabilities), by creating decent new jobs.
The aim is to create a new national self-confidence, a modern Progressive Patriotism, based on a politically agreed Reform Green and Smart Development Agreement.