The Conference and Pandemia

The conference entitled “Man and his creations” is transferred to 20, 21 22, 23 October 2020.

Until now, the participants surpass over 386, the speakers and the researchers over 33 and the sponsors over 24.

Coronavirus COVID-19 proves the importance and the design correctness of the Conference.

The Conference is aiming at giving answers to the challenges of 21st century and the contemporary way of Human living and it is trying to showcase which forces promote the change that occurs.

With what way Biotechnology, Technology, Robotics, Environmental change and the Global Financial changes affect the Human’s prosperity, his sentimental and spiritual development, his perception of time and place and his social nature in general.

After the end of Pandemia, humanity will understand that nothing is as it was before this occurring crisis and will realize the responsibility that has towards life and its continuation.

Therefore, we invite all of you who supported the effort of Cultural Company Athens Calls Athens to continue endorse it with the same consistency and enthusiasm.

Let’s make an appointment to the forthcoming October!